• Image of Ready to Harvest - 8 x 24 acrylic painting - landscape, fields, trees, mountains, sky - Lana Manis

I live in rural Tennessee... the Cumberland Plateau... the Southern Appalachians... always have, always will. Fields full of wildflowers, old barns, little country churches, and overgrown home-places are forever in my heart. It's hard not to paint what you love, and I love all of these and more.

Subject: landscape - fields, trees, mountains, clouds
Medium: acrylic on canvas
Size: 8" x 24" x 7/8"
Colors: shades of green, blue, aqua, white, yellow

The canvas is painted on the sides so no frame is needed unless you wish to have it framed.
It is signed on the front and signed, titled, and dated on the back.

Colors may vary slightly from monitor to monitor.
My watermark will not be on the original painting.

This artist retains all copyrights to the artwork.

(c)2017 Lana Manis
acrylic on canvas, 8 x 24 inches