• Image of The Gathering, Autumn, Fall, Halloween Papercut Art

Original paper cut art (papercutting) for your autumn / fall / Halloween deocr.
Title: The Gathering
Subjects: Pumpkins, crows, tree, crescent moon, spider web, spider
Size including frame: about 5" x 6"

All papercuttings are cut free-hand by me, no patterns are used... completely one-of-a-kind!
I collect a variety of papers that you will find in these pieces:
* parchment paper that I have stained, water-colored, and/or printed with copies of indentured servant letters from the late 1700s
* original letters from the early 1900s
* French envelopes from the early 1900s
* flyleaf pages from antique and vintage books
* vintage metallic papers that were the linings of envelopes
* card stock (black and sepia are used for trees and birds)
* vintage doilies for spiderwebs
All are signed and dated, Lana Manis 2015, and titled on the back.
Sizes, including frames, are approximate and vary slightly.