• Image of Glass Glitter Cone

Add a dash of old-fashioned glitz and glamour to your holiday décor with these paper whimsies! Truly, these are gorgeous as the single star attraction but they steal the show as an entire glittering chorus of musical cones gracing your tree! These are similar to one of my cones seen in an issue of Romantic Country a few years back... except these are even more decadent!

I acquired several dozen sturdy paper fiber cones from a folk artist friend in PA several years ago. She was able to get them from an old textile mill near her home. But my stash is running out and my glass glitter cones are limited this year!

I have wrapped each cone with vintage Christmas sheet music, circa early 1900s. I then completely covered the cones with clear German glass glitter. I could have stopped there and they would have been lovely, but I went a step further and added the pièce de résistance to the glass glitter cones... antique or vintage mother of pearl / shell buttons and vintage metallic ribbons purchased years ago... little hand-fashioned medals or badges, if you will. I have used these items sparingly over the years because I don't want them to end. But how could I hoard such loveliness any longer? I just had to share it with you! I made little nests of crinkled, ivory, paper shreds for the cones. They add a bit of holiday frivolity and provide a cushion for petite gifts or treats if you decide to add something to them.

These Glass Glitter Cones are about 12” tall including the curlicue wire handles.

Each one is individually handmade by me and will be unique, but will be similar to the one in the photo.

Please note: the cones are covered with glass glitter which is actual crushed glass (factory made, but crushed glass all the same). The ornament should not be handled by children or pets.

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